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More about me

HTML5, % 95
CSS3/SASS, % 90
JavaScript, % 70
Coffee Drinking, % 100
Cooking, % 30
I enjoy programming web applications with HTML/CSS as the usage of them are very versatile and fun.

I love to find new innovation and ideas in implementing different ways of creative user interface to people.

Sometimes I would browse through people's portfolio or websites to get an idea on how to improve things better for my future projects.
Yes, if you know me personally, I have a bad habit and would consider myself to have OCD. You read that right.

OCD : Obsessive Coffee Disorder

Drinking coffee is my daily virtue and survival juice to get through the day. Without coffee, adulting would be difficult.

And I'm very bad in cooking

Work process

This would be the unique work flow - the way in which I approach my work, and get things done.
Simple and clean.

1. Discuss

2. Make

3. Product